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Jewellery has been under existence right from the start of Civilization. There have been many proofs of this existence found in many cave paintings and tombs with bodies of prehistoric humans buried in them in their finest jewellery. Even the excavation of Indus Valley Civilization gave rise to the discovery of many exotic designed jewellery and various kinds of Gems. Old databases in Greece suggest that they imported various kinds of Gems from the people of Indus Valley Civilization. The initial ornaments were made from animal bones, stones, and various types of shells. Later along with the development of Civilization and human knowledge in Science and Technology, came the trend of wearing metals mostly brass and silver. After the discovery of gold and developing the technology of handling gold people started wearing Gold jewellery, especially people from the higher caste and statuses. The trend of wearing gold jewellery is still famous today and even now most of the people living in the world prefer Gold jewellery than the other forms of jewels.

Nowadays with the development of differently designed fashion jewellery, people are more attracted to them and choose them for more casual wear. But the development of fashion jewellery doesn't mean that the craze for gold jewellery has gone down. People will always buy gold jewellery for traditional wear and for wearing them to parties and occasions that require a rich look. People also look at gold jewellery as a source of property. With fashion and gold jewellery playing an equal role in the world of Jewellery Fashion, the recent development in making custom jewellery for all the people have attracted a lot of people to try it out. Even though the concept of customized jewellery had been under existence right from the age of Kings and Queens where the Queen‘s jewels wore specially designed Jewels for themselves while the commoners and the other people in the palaces wore normal jewellery. Now the trend of making customized jewellery has been extended to all the people. Dhruvansh Creations located at Jaipur in Rajasthan is one of the leading custom jewellery manufacturers in India. For us, all of our customers are our Kings and Queens. And everyone deserves to wear the jewellery they like the most in the design they love. That's one of the primary reason we became one of the major custom jewellery suppliers and wholesale custom jewellery dealers in the country.

Talented designers

We at Dhruvansh Creations have our very own team of unique designers who have been highly experienced in jewellery designing. Our designers are expert at creating modern fashion jewellery design. Any of our customers who require customized jewellery are paired up with one of our designers, who would help them in designing their very own unique customized jewellery that would make them feel like a royal in their functions.

Happy news for the brides

Every bride dreams to look special and beautiful in her own wedding. Bridal shopping and jewellery shopping is one of the most exciting things to be done during the time of the wedding. Dhruvansh creations have an exclusive collection of bridal jewellery sets to make the bride look special and beautiful. We also excel in manufacturing customized bridal jewellery so that the bride can feel unique and special in her own wedding. The bride along with our designing team can design their own set of jewellery for their marriage. It's not just the bride, the grooms also can design their own custom made jewellery for their wedding.

Design your unique necklace

Sometimes you might have liked the design worn by your friends or a design that you have seen in a magazine or anywhere else. You might also have visited several jewellery shops and online stores in search of that particular designer jewellery. But it would have been difficult to find that particular jewellery you had been looking for. Not anymore. Even though we Dhruvansh Creations might not have that particular jewellery we can manufacture it for you in our specialized custom jewellery manufacturing unit. You can make your own custom necklace with the help of our manufacturing unit and experienced designers. You can either bring a printed copy or an image of the jewellery or if you do not have the image, you can describe the image to our designers who can redraw it for you and after your approval, we will manufacture that particular design especially for you.

Give a Ring to her to make her yours

Almost every culture in the world has now accepted rings as an identity of engagement and love. Gifting rings to your loved ones have become a common these days and in order to make this common trend a specialized one, you can design the ring you are going to gift it to your better half. You can choose the design of your custom engagement rings, the words that can be imprinted within the insides of the ring, along with the stones that can be used to decorate the ring. We have a collection of pure and perfectly cut stones including diamond, emerald, ruby, and a collection of various other stones that have been famous and common in Jaipur. Proposing your loved one with these custom rings will make the occasion special and memorable.

Statement necklaces customized

Statement necklaces have been a common trend these days and people love to wear their own custom made necklace, with a design they love the most. Even though we have our very own collection of fashion designed statement necklaces some people prefer to wear a necklace with statements of their own so that they will feel it personalized and unique. You can inscribe any type of letters words or statements you want and you can also design statement necklaces made up of sterling silver as a bulk order for your classmates. A statement necklace can be one of the best parting gifts for college and school students where you can inscribe your name, class and the name of the institution in the necklace along with certain other statements for all of your friends and classmates. Looking at it after many years will bring back great memories of your school and college life.

Custom bracelets for your loved ones

Bracelets have grown to become the common daily wear these days and while rings are the most common gifts presented by loved ones, bracelets are the next in the trend that could be gifted to your loved ones. Bracelet is one of the items that can be easily gifted to a guy without thinking whether they can wear it. Even though there are men who don't prefer wearing jewellery, bracelets are preferred by most of the men and women can gift bracelets to their loved ones as a token of love. Special words and statement can be inscribed in your bracelets to make it more personalized and lovable. There are a lot of designs available in our shop and the customers can choose any one of the design and inscribe the words in them or they can design their very own bracelet right from the scratch with the help of designers and describe the words within them like the way they want it to be.

We also specialize in making cuff bracelets which is a modern fusion of bangles and bracelets and we have a wide range of collections including both simple and modern heavy designs. Our cuff bracelets are easily adjustable and they can be locked with the special lock system using links in order to prevent losing them in crowded areas. We at Dhruvansh Creations have a wide range of a collection of both bracelets and cuff bracelets for both men and women made up of all type of metals including gold sterling silver and sterling silver coated with 24 Carat gold plating. Our expert designers will help you in designing your very own custom made cuff bracelets. Like rings and necklaces bracelet can also be designed as a matching pair to be worn by partners or friends.

Simple chains for your beautiful necks

While necklaces bracelets and rings are mostly worn for functions, parties and marriages, a chain is a common form ornament that is worn by everyone for their daily usage. Stop the school going and college going women and men like to wear simple yet fashionable designed change so that their neck won't look plain and simple. If you find the designs available in our shop a bit Grand and not suitable for you then you can also design your own custom things with the help of our designers and we will manufacture it especially for you. You can also choose your own lock system for your chain including hook or interlinks or any other lock system that you might find safer.

Our famous manufacturing unit

We at Dhruvansh Creations how our very own manufacturing unit to help our customers have a satisfying experience with all unique designs and also to satisfy their needs of wearing a particular design they like or love. We have our own unique team of designers along with our very own employers who specialize in making unique customized jewellery for our customers. Our customized jewellery is of high quality with good finishing and made with the latest technology. People living in Jaipur and the surrounding areas can visit your own customized jewellery shop available near you for creating perfect designs.

The specialized jewellery repair shop

Accidents are common these days and electronic items are not the only one that can be broken. Jewellery especially your favorite ones can also sometimes meet with an accident and get broken like falling of stones, broken chains, the decrease in the color of gold-plated jewellery, broken locks et cetera. Due to the fear of getting replaced or lost, people do not give their jewellery to the repair shops available outside. Show the condition of most of the broken jewellery is to be sold or replaced by a new form of jewellery. But now with Dhruvansh creations new repair shop, your jewellery can be repaired easily in our specialized jewellery repair shop to support the customers with their broken jewellery. Our repair shop employees are highly expertise in repairing the jewellery in such a way that no one will be able to find that has been damaged in the jewellery. Our experts also take perfect care of the jewellery to make sure that it doesn't get subjected to further damage while making the repair. People can provide their broken jewellery to us with confidence without the fear of getting damaged or lost, which is a common concern for people in case of broken jewellery.

The unique online jewellery system

Even though it can be quite difficult to order a piece of customized jewellery online; we at Dhruvansh Creations came up with another idea to satisfy the need of people who prefer to have unique designs and jewellery for their collections. We have our very own customized jewellery collections which are one of a kind available online for sales, and our customers can buy them from online without any personal appearance. Customers can also choose their own rings and statement necklaces and request for an inscription online to make it customized. But the basic design of the ring or necklace should be chosen from one of our online designs. Ordering online is completely safe in Dhruvansh Creations and the product will be delivered in a perfect condition with perfect quality without any sort of damage to the customers. We provide 100% guarantee for our jewellery items. We also have a unique collection of different types of Gems which Jaipur is exclusively famous for and we have a wide range of unique jewellery made up of our pure gemstones and diamonds. We are one of the leading jewellery makers in Jaipur and also a wholesale jewellery supplier.

So in order to order online visit us at where you can browse through the wide range of collections displayed on our website and choose from them from your home easily. Online purchasing has become common these days and people can high-quality standard jewellery from our websites with complete confidence.

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